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Parish Council Meeting, April 20, 2017:

Focus for 2016-2017 “We bring people to Christ”


Attendance - Fr. Edgar Rodriguez, Angela Lawler, Marge Bryne, Ruth Hroncich,  Marge Kearney, Dorothy Ball, Paul Straka, Karen Klein, Noel Thornton, Anthony Skokna, Kate Marshall, Marcia Schroeder, Jenn Davila, Rose, Louise, Bill and Tom Carlson.  Nadine is excused. Katleya was absent

Opening Prayer –Renew My Church prayer.

Approval of minutes from February (5 minutes) Marge motioned to accept, seconded by Paul.  Carried.

Old Business
--Feedback on Lenten activities—group (10 minutes)
Father Mike is now administrator of Divine Infant, so Father Edgar and Father Larry were alone for Holy Week.  He felt everything went well, and some services had more people than previous years.  The Vigil could have been better attended, but there were still about 150 in attendance.  Mike Medina did a great job with the Exsultet, as Deacon John is still recovering from pneumonia.  He felt Peter and choir did a good job.  Deacon John did Tenebrae and thought it went well.

Bill said it seemed that the Living Stations were better organized than previous years.  Anthony played Joseph of Aramithea.  They did sing in Spanish and English to involve the crowd more.  Jesus was well done (he was the narrator last year) and memorized his lines well.  There were a few concerns about the cross.

Paul said the mission evenings were good and topics were interesting.  Marge liked that they were well attended and moved around.  Reconciliation at St Louise was also well attended, more than expected.  Paul thinks it is good to get together with the other parishes, and it aligns with the Renew My Church cluster.

Rose thought 10 AM on Easter was very well attended, compared to previous year.

Father thanked Dorothy Ball and Environment committee for the decorations in church throughout the season.  She will be awarded Woman of the Year by the CCW this year.

To Teach Who Christ Is update:  We are at 61% or so on the To Teach Who Christ Is, and Angela said the money is coming in for the pledges.  $341k is in, $545k was goal.  Angela said we can check into seeing if there is an idea to reach out to the families who haven’t committed to helping at all yet.  We discussed a postcard or some other method either by us or through the campaign office.  The booklet and display are in the back of the church to keep the campaign in the forefront of the parishioners’ minds.

Renew my Church is still in a holding pattern.

Marge has reached out to the parish councils at the cluster parishes, regarding a pot luck after Pentecost June 3, and hasn’t heard from everyone on our idea to get together.  Divine Infant is interested.  Divine Providence thinks it might be premature as their council members switch over the summer, St. Louise has not responded at all.  Marge K thinks it might be a better idea to wait for fall when new members are in place on all the councils.  Bill and Kate agreed.  We agreed to wait for fall to try again.  We will table this for action in the fall. 

--Forming Intentional Disciples discussion and plans—group (30 minutes)
We took on this book for Lent, and many of us came to the discussion evenings.  Where should we go from here?  How do we keep the idea of intentional disciples alive....

New insights you gained from Forming Intentional Disciples?
Marge – A lot of people don’t even grasp the dimension of being an Intentional Disciple – she didn’t until she read this book. We have the skeleton but need to add the meat.  Redefined what Evangelization means – not thumping bibles at people.

What structures are in place in the parish that could provide evangelizing opportunities?

Marge:  We have a lot of ministries here, but the leaders may not be Intentional Disciples.  Kate: Missionary Spirit has people who work and do the activities, who may be unaware that they are doing what we are called to do, and would benefit from hearing about Intentional Disciples.  Maybe Missionary Spirit and Men’s Fellowship could hear about this as part of their meetings?
People involved in liturgical ministry are ready and committed.  Maybe we could meet with them and use the language.  Paul agrees.  Religious Education would be a great area to use these ideas.  CCW.

What would need to be changed in order for these structures to be truly evangelizing? 

Marge: Get the leaders to read the books and get their groups engaged.  Kate:  As part of the Missionary Spirit activity start using the language of Intentional Disciples and following Jesus.  Marge suggested we have a formation meeting for liturgical ministries, CCD teachers, etc.  Kate said going to meetings that are in the parish could be an outreach of parish council.  Noel brought up the idea of the “first 15” where every meeting uses scripture/prayer for the first 15 minutes, where all the groups use the same materials to get on the same pages.
Running all meetings with one focus – to bring people to encounter Jesus.  Infiltrate all areas of parish.  CCD teachers use this focus. Education is important.

Father researched the Catherine of Sienna institute which is in Colorado, and it is 5 days and the only requirement is to have read the book, Forming Intentional Disciples.  Father asked about bringing them here, and the bishop suggested Father Edgar go there to see if it is valuable to possibly bring them here in the future.  He will pay for Father Edgar and others to attend.  $700 for the five days includes room and board (July 27). This was discussed at length – we agreed it is important to train the trainers.  We suggested reaching out to Dave Brencic to attend this training with Father Edgar.

Marge asked that we all think and pray about this so we can reach out more and spread the word on Intentional Disciples.


--“Called and Gifted Inventory” workshop update—Fr. Edgar (10 minutes).  Next Thursday, April 27, at 7pm with Kathy McNichols.  It has been offered to the parish and there are signup sheets in the back of church for interested people to use so we know who to expect.  Louise will bring fruit, Rose will bring something sweet, Noel will bring water.  We will plan for 25, unless a large number unexpectedly sign up.

New Business
--Nominations and discernment of new PC members—Karen and Kate (10 min.)
Karen shared that she and Kate met and there are bulletin articles going in for this weekend, and two following weekends – highlighting what the parish council has been doing, and then asking people to discern if they would like to be considered for parish council membership.  All are asked to be available after masses to answer questions people may have.  The second weekend (29/30), we will ask for volunteers on the council to make the announcement about asking people to discern nominations.  We need 5pm Ruth, 7:30 Noel, 10am Louise/Nadine 12:30 Rose.  May 6/7 we will need people at the tables to answer questions. Kate and Paul’s terms are expiring, so at minimum we need two new people for three year terms. All nominees will be invited to the May meeting to hear more about the parish council;.  There will be a day for discernment after the May meeting. We will watch and see who turns out for the Called and Gifted workshop, as they may be good prospects.

--Other Business

Thank you for refreshments—Noel and Bill

Next meeting (5 minutes)
--Plan Agenda—next meeting May 18 at 7:30 pm
—open meeting – Marge will put in an announcement for the bulletin.
Introduce Parish Council nominees – Karen and Kate
Accomplishments of parish council for the year in review - Karen to read
Called and Gifted inventory workshop Fr. Edgar
Intentional Disciples book review and plans – Marge K
Renew my Church and To Teach Who Christ Is updates - Fr. Edgar