St. Barbara Church
4008 Prairie Ave.
Brookfield, IL 60513



Weekday Masses:
8:00am Monday through Saturday

Weekend Masses:
5:00pm on Saturday Sunday: 7:30am and 10:00am; 12:30pm in Spanish

Mass Holy Days:
7:00pm on the day; See current bulletin for any changes.

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Help us Name Our New Parish!

As you all know, starting on July 1st, as part of the Renew My Church process, a new parish will be born. It will emerge from the unity of St. Barbara Parish and St. Louise the Marillac Parish. These two parishes will cease to exist as such but, something new will be born--a new reality; one parish with two churches (worship sites). And, just like parents who give names to the newborn children, so the Church! Our new parish must be named and the process of naming it is as follows:

A “Naming Team” will approach the “existing groups” within each parish to seek name proposals. In addition to the “groups,” any parishioner can submit a name either online or using a form we will provide. The online form link is below. The paper forms, for those who prefer to handwrite, will be made available on all the Welcome Tables in church.

All suggested names must be turned in no later than July 15th.

Through a process of elimination the total name suggestions will be reduced to 3. These will be presented to you by in-pew cards. With your help, the names will be arranged in the order of most to least popular. That will be presented to the Cardinal for the final selection.

In proposing a saint's name you must follow these guidelines:

A). The name of the saint must not be taken by any other parish in the Archdiocese.

B). It must have a feast day we can celebrate, and

C). It must have a sound rationale behind its proposal.


Forms and Documents

For the English online form, click here.

For the Spanish online form, click here.

For a list of saint's names already taken, click here.

For a more detailed explanation of the process, click here.

For other helpful links and resources click on any of the links below: