St. Barbara Church
4008 Prairie Ave.
Brookfield, IL 60513



Weekday Masses:
8:00am Monday through Saturday

Weekend Masses:
5:00pm on Saturday Sunday: 7:30am and 10:00am; 12:30pm in Spanish

Mass Holy Days:
7:00pm on the day; See current bulletin for any changes.

2019 Lenten Parish Mission

Our Parish Mission this year brings us the experience of the Renew My Church Summit which took place last year and was attended by more than two thousands parishioners across the Archdiocesis of Chicago. During this Summit, Fr. James Malone spoke about the reality that we are facing as a Church, the hope that is emerging, and the path that we are to follow in order to renew the Church.

The Renew My Church Summit provided many of us a glimpse of what this renewal will mean for our parishes and Archdiocese – one of shared leadership in our parishes, a deeply-rooted culture of evangelization, a vibrancy of prayer and sense of community, and incredible trust in the Holy Spirit to lead us forward, all centered on the sacramental life of our Church. Now we must continue to share that vision with others and invite them into conversations about what renewal will look like in each of our parishes. The Renew My Church Summit videos are resources to facilitate meaningful discussions about how our parish community can respond to Christ’s call for renewal. Below you will find links to the talks given by Fr. James Malone at the Renew My Church Summit and our Parish Mission.

First Day Talk at St. Louise de Marillac: A Case for Hope

Second Day Talk at St. Barbara: The prodigal son

Third Day Talk at St. Louise de Marillac: Anatomy of Faith

Fourth Day of Mission at St. Barbara: Reconciliation Service - 7PM